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Cine film to DVD, Video to DVD, Digital8, Hi8, Slides/Photos to a watchable useable format, DVD, computer file or any other format you require.

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8mm Cine Film to DVD

Pennylane video has been transferring standard 8 cine film to dvd for 28 years, some times known as dual8 cine film. We use the latest digital technology to transfer your films. A totally digital process, using a cool LED light source, so no burns, bright and evenly spread light. A 3 ccd professional imaging device which will give far better quality than the single ccd units that Frame scanning units use. Our customer feedback will confirm our excellent cine film conversion and video to dvd service. We cover the whole of the UK via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is the safest way to get your precious memories, films, videos and photos to us. More favourable than taking into a shop, that will in due course send it onto a company like us.


Video/VHS to DVD

VHS to DVD The most common type of video tape is of course vhs tapes, vhs transfer to dvd costs cover for a maximum running time of 3 hours from 1 tape. Vhs was used primarily for recording tv programs. Its other uses, people used to edit and transfer there camcorder tapes to vhs.Call 01908 263634 or E-mail.

Digital 8 video to dvd transfer.

Video transfer/conversion prices: £20 for 1 video tape (up to 2hrs) including DVD and return post (Recorded Delivery) Return post by Special Delivery also available – please call for pricing.


Mini Dv tape transfer to dvd or files

Minidv tape was and still is a very popular format used in consumer camcorders from around 1997 through to the present day. We can transfer Minidv tapes for you to dvd or computer based files for editing. Pennylane Video specializes in Minidv transfers, turn around 24 to 48 hours. Video transfer/conversion prices: £20 for 1 video tape (up to 2hrs) onto DVD and including return post (Recorded Delivery) Or 2 tapes of 60 minutes each onto the 1 dvd at £26 incl vat & recorded delivery. Return post by Special Delivery also available – please call for pricing Discounts available for 3 or more individual video tapes to separate DVD’s


Super 8 Film transfer to DVD

Pennylane Video specialise in super8 cine film transfer to dvd and Avi also any other computer based file formats for editing. Our cine film conversion service is completely digital. We use professional grade 3 ccd imaging devices with an Led light source to capture your films, we are now in our 28th year transferring cine film to

Transfer Video to DVD, cine film to DVD, super 8 film to DVD, VHS to DVD and more with Pennyland Videos!

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